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I had migraine headaches and a slight case of scoliosis. I had been to many doctors about the headaches but I got no relief from them. I heard about Dr. Neville and decided to give him a try. During my first appointment I was surprised to see in my x-rays just how tilted my head was. (No wonder I was having headaches). Dr. Neville did an adjustment on me and after that first adjustment I had one more bad headache and I have not had one migraine since. He was able to help me with other smaller aches and pains. I feel a lot better now and I feel I have more energy. I am so glad I heard about Dr. Neville. He has helped me a great deal.
Vickie B.
I was suffering from neck pain and upper and lower back pain. My wife and son had been to see Dr. Neville and had good success. I decided to give him a try. After one treatment I immediately felt better. The pain was not completely gone but I was amazed at how much better I felt. After a few more visits I felt great with no more pain. Thanks Dr. Neville
Jim B.
I have arthritis in my lower back (inherited from my mother's family!) and have been in lots of pain, getting worse as I get older. I thought I would just have to suffer through it. My husband and I were recommended by a daughter-in-law to come to Dr. Neville. I didn't believe anything could help. I was a non-believer especially when I went the first time and he didn't touch my back! Boy, was I wrong! The pain in my back hasn't disappeared completely — arthritis is here to stay — but it has lessened considerably. I'm a believer, now!
I am a long distance runner. Last spring during my senior track season in high school I had a sore muscle that kept me from running as well as I wanted to. The soreness kept getting worse until finally I couldn't even run ¼ mile without being in tremendous pain. I had gotten a scholarship to run cross country in college but I also wanted one for track. The district track meet was coming up and I was not getting any better. I needed to qualify for state because the track coach that could get me a scholarship could only be at the state track meet. The day of the district track meet arrived and I tried to warm up but it was just too painful. I couldn't run and I was devastated. My mom took me to see Dr. Neville after I had tried and failed to warm up. Dr. Neville gave me an adjustment and at first I didn't feel much different. I found out that the district track meet got postponed due to high winds after I had left. After Dr. Neville's adjustment I realized I might still have a chance. The morning after my first adjustment I got up felt great. I went to the track meet and placed second in my event qualifying for state and eventually got my scholarship for track. Thank you Dr. Neville.
Cody B.
I have had a pain in my lower back and down my left leg. I had wondered if it was sciatica. I didn't want to have more medicine or eventually surgery so I decided to try Dr. Neville. I have been to several chiropractors who would crack and pop my bones. I knew Dr. Neville had a much different approach so I decided to see what he could do. I also felt one of my hips was higher than the other and often have pain through my shoulders. After one visit my back and leg felt much better. After the second visit I didn't have any pain in my lower back or leg and still don't. My shoulder pain is much less also and feel I just need to go back occasionally. Thanks Dr. Neville for what you do.
Mary P
I was suffering with lower back pain that had persisted for more than 6 months. I had gone to a regular chiropractor for several weeks, but there was no change in my back. It would feel okay while I was there at the office, but as soon as I twisted or moved my back unusually it would hurt again. I was especially having a hard time sleeping, since my back hurt worse after laying down for an extended time. I went to Dr. Neville for help after receiving a recommendation from a friend. I will admit that I was skeptical about how much NUCCA chiropractic could do. I even wondered if it was all faked somehow, a kind of placebo affect. However at my first visit, as Dr. Neville adjusted my atlas bone I could feel both my shoulder (an older sore spot) and my lower back gradually relax. That night I slept without any pain for the first time in several months! Dr. Neville worked with me to understand how to keep my adjustment in line and how to know when I needed an adjustment again. Now I have no pain in my lower back. I am so very thankful to NUUCA chiropractic and Dr. Neville for helping me feel good again.
I was referred to Dr. Neville by a neighbor. I have had neck and lower back pain since I was young due to an automobile accident. The neck pain was getting severe enough that I was unable to sleep well. Dr. Neville was able to give me relief. My knees are bad and in need of surgery but I have been able to put that off for awhile because after a treatment they feel significantly better. I can always tell when I am out of adjustment now because he pain manifests itself again and I know it is time to go back to Neville Spinal Balance. He has also helped my husband on several occasions when no physical therapist could seem to get the job done. Dr. Neville is always so good to work us into his schedule and is one of the kindest, most caring doctors we have ever met.
I had severe neck pain and headaches, nobody knew how to help me with. I've had 3 MRI's, several shots and pills, nothing helped. I did my own research and found out all about Dr. Neville and upper cervical balance. My first visit was in June 2009, just before I went on vacation to California (a very long drive). I was pain free and able to enjoy my family and the trip. I now only need a minor adjustment every two months. I can turn my head and do lots of things without any pain. Thanks to Dr. Neville.
Kitty M.
I have had back trouble since 2006 with using crutches off and on. I went to chiropractors and family massage. When I started with Dr. Neville doing Spinal Balance I haven't used my crutches and it also relieved my back pain. It gives me relief in my back. Our granddaughter noticed how much straighter I stood and that I was taller. Our neighbor also noticed how much better I could walk. I am thankful and happy with spinal balance treatments. My wife is also grateful and happy with my condition.
I was not able to sleep at night because of leg pain. When I tried to sleep my right leg would start hurting so bad that I could not find any comfortable position to put it in. I mentioned it to my doctor and she had me get an x-ray of my lower spine. Then she had me get an MRI. Both showed that I have degeneration in the lower spine. My doctor then referred me to a spine specialist. He looked at my images and told me I had 4 options: 1) do nothing, 2) use over-the-counter pain medication, 3) get cortisone injections, 4) have surgery. None of those sounded very good to me and he said that chiropractic treatment would not do anything to help it. In the meantime my sister was going to Dr. Neville and begged me to give him a try. My husband does not believe in chiropractors so he was dragging his feet on my going. I finally just went anyway and I am glad that I did!!! I have been able to sleep pain free!!! An added bonus is relief from back ache that I would sometimes have. P.S. While my husband is still not converted to chiropractic treatment (NUCCA is not typical chiropractic) he does not argue that my NUCCA treatment has helped me.
Becky S.
I went to Dr. Neville because I have had lower back pain, neck pain and have suffered with terrible headaches for many years. My family has a history of neck problems- I have a brother and sister who have had surgery for neck problems. I have been to many chiropractors over the years with little or no relief. So, I was hoping for some relief from these problems, and my hopes were answered! Since I started coming to Dr. Neville, my back and neck pain have almost disappeared and I have had hardly any headaches. The few headaches I have had are not nearly as severe or as often. Thank you, Dr. Neville!
I have pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades as well as lower back pain that radiates out into my hips. I have been to other chiropractors but their methods just seem to irritate it. But Dr. Neville's method seems to ease it some and makes the pain bearable. I would recommend him to anyone.
I initially went to Neville Spinal Balance as a last resort in dealing with migraine headaches. I have struggled with serious, debilitating migraines for several years. I have consulted with every type of doctor and tried various medications over the years. Nothing seemed to work. A friend of mine told me about her experience with Trever Neville and I was very skeptical of NUCCA. In fact it took me three more months, and 6 more migraines, before I called for my consultation. Since my first appointment I have seen a drastic decrease in my migraines. However, an unexpected benefit was the improvement in my posture, which I am so thrilled about! My entire life I have slouched, I remember my mother telling me, Put your shoulders back, stand straight and no matter how hard I tried, I physically could not pull my shoulders back. After my first adjustment my posture was amazing! Finally at 34 years old, I can stand straight. As much as I am relieved not to suffer from constant migraines, I cannot express how happy I am that my posture has improved. It has been the best and most worthwhile thing I have done for myself. I highly recommend NUCCA, I am glad my skeptism didn't win this time.
Karen R
Colton was born with torticollis. In September 2008 we were told he was good to go. We no longer need to see the specialist we had been seeing for the first five years of his life. On Oct 3, 2008 we were in a car accident. We had treatment at another chiropractic facility. After 3 months of treatment we were told that Colton's condition appeared to be getting worse. Maybe we should seek a different type of therapy or a different technique. We began the NUCCA technique with Dr. Neville in February 2009. The difference in Colton was immediate. His behavior improved, his facial structure changed and his headaches stopped after one session with Dr. Neville. Colton now asks to go to Dr. Trever's when his neck starts getting tight and needing an adjustment. The NUCCA technique is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone.
Amber (Colton's mom)
I slipped on ice and fell which hurt my back. So I went to other chiropractors for help but ended up in more pain. When my mom heard about Dr. Neville I had been dealing with the pain for about one year. After the first adjustment I felt so much better and I still do.
I can't believe the difference this treatment was over our other chiropractic experiences. The problem was literally fixed in one visit. She suffered for a year with pain that stopped her from enjoying day to day activity. It was the best thing we could have done for her. The treatment was painless and the results were better than I expected, by far.
Janet (Sydney's mom)
I have had back pain for a lot of years. It seems like I would go to the chiropractor several times a month, but it didn't help that much. Since going to Dr. Neville my back finally is strong again and pain free. I can't believe what a difference it has made in my life since finding Dr. Neville. I just wish I could get all my family and friends with the problems they suffer from to go to Dr. Neville. It really will change their lives.
I have struggled with bad headaches all of my life. I have also had a stiff neck to where I could barely turn to the left. As the years progressed I started suffering with lower back pain. I have been diagnosed with a bulging disc. Due to this I would have extreme pain in my lower back. At times sharp pains would shoot down my leg. I have seen doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists for several years. I felt as if I was not receiving any long term relief from my pain. I knew acquaintances who had gone to Dr. Neville and had tremendous relief of pain. At this point I was willing to try anything! I called Dr. Neville and made an appointment. At my first appointment he made a thorough examination of my head and neck and spine. He studied it intently before adjusting me. (by the way there is no popping, cracking, or twisting! It is a very gentle procedure). I felt amazing relief after my first visit. I have had a few more visits and with each appointment I have found that my pain in all three areas have subsided considerably. I am thrilled with the results of only a few visits. I am confident that I am on my way to a complete recovery. I am grateful to have found Dr. Neville and the procedure called NUCCA in helping me with pain.
Pam Z.
I have been enduring severe arthritis pain in my right knee joint for a couple of years. What a blessing it has been for me to have found Dr. Neville. Dr. Neville in only a few office visits and in a no-pain chiropractic procedure has balanced my spine, which in turn has taken the pressure off of my knee. Now if my knee starts to hurt I know if I correct my posture it will relieve the pain. I am now, thanks to Dr. Neville's treatments, once again able to enjoy more physical activities.
Sharel J.

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